Prasga #2 Back cover
15th Sep 2021, 4:21 PM in One way or another
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Prasga #2 Back cover
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James Mobius
And that's it for issue 2! I think I'll upload an entire issue every Wednesday until I catch up to issue 8, currently in the works, then a new page every week, as I do on IG and FB, and dA, it takes a while to resize all these files so I can upload them here. hmm, that'd be 5 more weeks, by then I'll be a few pages into issue 8 probably, so I'll just post the whole batch of whatever's done of that issue by then, then, so those reading here aren't behind those reading on other platforms. Of course if you go to my patreon you can read everything as soon as it's penciled, for just 3 cents a day, whilst supporting the arts! a buck a month, no minimum term, cancel any time. unlike some Patreon accounts I never delete anything from there, I only add stuff, over 3,300 files uploaded there already. I also share the thumbnail sketches, pencil and ink art of this series, before the coloured versions.
anyway, thanks for reading, please tell your friends about this series, it will be available to purchase in print form soon, the first 7 issues, stay tuned, and don't be shy about commenting, we artists live for feedback from our audience, and get so little of it, hours spent drawing in solitude, not knowing how anyone feels about our work can be disheartening, even though I, for example, have a few hundred fans now, only about 3 ever say anything at all about the book. stay safe out there!