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8th Sep 2021, 4:37 PM in Wake up little Suzi
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Author Notes:
James Mobius
I draw with pencil on paper, ink with brushes, as much as possible, quill pens and markers where necessary, I hand-letter. My technique has improved and evolved quite a bit in the last couple of years, it's a bit rough initially, you can see un-erased pencil lines here for example, but that's just more punk!
User comments:
James Mobius
Sure no one had laptops in the 80s, but there weren't aliens living openly on the Earth back then either. I've taken some anachronistic liberties.
Very glad to see this comic on this platform! I will definitely be following this one closely! Love your drawings!
James Mobius
Thanks so much for your support, and pointing this platform out to me! I like it!
Grey Garou
Ah, the ol' grind. Maybe it's necessary, but it's a painful bore to the very soul of everybody who dares dream big.