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8th Sep 2021, 4:25 PM in Wake up little Suzi
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James Mobius
after several years I finally corrected the music at the end of this page, I'd originally written the rhythm incorrectly, and I stole that outro from the Suzi Quatro song "Non-citizen", my character Suzi is named after her, although not necessarily in-continuity, I think she's too young for that tecnhically. Suzi Quatro was the original Riot Grrl, a huge inspiration to Joan Jett, and others, a woman who played bass and sang, fronting her own rock band in the 70s was pretty unheard of, and sadly far too few people are familiar with her works. check out her best album: "your mama won't like me" incredibly funky and soulful rock. the flying Chrysler came to me in a dream, my first car, quite a tank.