Prasga #2 page 1
15th Sep 2021, 2:43 PM in One way or another
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Prasga #2 page 1
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James Mobius
Bear with me as I figure this site out, trying to reduce the pages to the maximum allowed filesize, or less (5MB) without losing quality, but also trying not to leave them too big, I can't see this all at once on my screen, it'd be nice if there was a feature to display it sized to fit your screen, maybe there's a setting for that I haven't found yet, but if you click it you'd see it full size. meanwhile, you can right click and view in a new tab to see the whole page at once, which is really kind of how you ought to see it, at least initially, just like when you read an actual comic book! Ah, on my phone it fits the single page to my screen, that's nice, not using the app, if there is one, just a browser.
Grey Garou
Your efforts to manage the page size are most appreciated. I really hate scrolling down through a super-huge page.