Prasga 1 page 31
8th Sep 2021, 11:50 PM in Wake up little Suzi
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Prasga 1 page 31
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James Mobius
Last story page of issue 1, there are 3 sketchpages this issue, as well as the back cover art, and the indicia page, the inside front cover which I forgot to post in order, but will post next I guess. this is a comic book, not a webcomic, even though you're reading it on the web, and thanks for reading. I draw and format it for print first. you'll soon be able to purchase the actual books from me directly, I'm working on getting them back in print, watch this account for news about that, also consider following at or on instagram @prasgacomic I also post at and where for just one dollar a month you can have early access to the latest pages of this series as I draw them, the pencil art goes up there before I even ink or colour it, generally, along with over 3,300 images by me. you can't find me on patreon through their search engine because I have some adult art there, they're not too ashamed to take their cut of my income, but are too ashamed to admit publicly they associate with a lowlife like me. those hypocrites. Still, I'm glad for the $15 a month it pulls in, every penny helps.