Prasga #10 page 3
16th Nov 2022, 12:00 PM in Slave to love
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Prasga #10 page 3
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James Mobius
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(* issue 10 mostly pencilled, 1/3 done, roughly, fully lettered and readable.)
User comments:
Way to jump into the Fire!
James Mobius
I did promise her no quicksand at least!
WOW! would be better if she was going to jail!
James Mobius
ooh I dunno about that, could end up with an unpleasant bunk-mate. hey, maybe someone nice will buy her!
James Mobius
no one joked "oh he wants to give her a big one alright!" :p you guys are asleep at the wheel today lol. seriously though, thanks to everyone who comments, I have hundreds of readers across several platforms, nearly a thousand now, and only a handful of people ever give me any feedback, it's much appreciated.