Prasga #10 inside front cover indicia page. censored version
26th Oct 2022, 12:00 PM in Slave to love
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Prasga #10 inside front cover indicia page. censored version
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Author Notes:
James Mobius
This is the inside of the front cover to issue 10, in print I will be running the uncensored version, which I am sharing here shortly, this is the censored version. This is a study of a famous piece by the late great Dave Stevens, the original was the DNAgents character Rainbow, I asked Dave's sister, who manages his estate if she minded if I ran this homage in my book, she told me she didn't own the copyright as it was a work for hire, but gave me her blessing, I did tell her I didn't think I needed permission since it probably falls under fair use somehow, but would respect her wishes either way. Fortunately I am friends on facebook with DNAgents artist Will Meugniot, who said go ahead, he was sure his partner the writer Mark Evanier wouldn't mind, so with their blessing, here it is.

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(* issue 10 less than 1/2 still in thumbnail form, mostly pencilled, a handful of pages finished, but it's fully lettered and readable.)
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James Mobius
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James Mobius
thanks, I prep pages way in advance for posting, but can't edit them til they're posted, the text anyway. as far as I can tell! I fix it.