Prasga Volume 1 front cover
12th Oct 2022, 12:00 PM
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Prasga Volume 1 front cover
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Author Notes:
James Mobius
So here's the big news! Punk rock alien space girl adventures is no longer a comic book. WHAT? It's now a "graphic novel"! Boo-yay. Well, I procrastinated editing issues for print, for 6 issues, then I realised, if I print the first 9 issues in time for a convention, I will be sitting there (hopefully) trying to convince people to shell out $54 for 9 floppy comics. But if I make collected editions, the kind you can put on a book shelf instead of into a white cardboard box, I will be sitting there trying to talk people into parting with $25 for a 152 page full colour book instead, an easier sell. I love stapled comics, and still hope to make them that way, but for the time being this is the way it's gonna hafta go. Here's the cover, you can't buy it in any stores yet, if you're at MICE you'll be able to find it on the Boston Comics Roundtable's not particularly round, merch table there October 22 & 23 at Boston University, or you can message me directly and I will mail you a copy, I accept moolah online via Venmo or Paypal.

First print-run will be 50 copies, signed and numbered.

You will be able to buy a copy through my square store online, (as soon as I figure out how much to charge for shipping. d: ), here I figured it out, it's $34 in total, with shipping and handling.
User comments:
James Mobius
I figured out how much I have to charge for shipping and handling. $9, so it's $34.00 inside the continental US, outside that, you'll have to email me to inqure as I'll have to calculate shipping.
I'll be there to buy one from you personally!
James Mobius
the book is awesome!!!!
James Mobius
thanks so much for saying so! ^___^ makes my day to know someone enjoys my efforts.