Prasga #9 back cover
28th Sep 2022, 12:00 PM in "Sex (I'm a)"
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Prasga #9 back cover
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James Mobius
Read ahead now, visit 3ยข a day gets you exclusive access to over 4,560 works of art by me, I post each page as it develops, from thumbnails through the finished versions. Read ALL of the next issue right now! You'll also see sketchbooks, fan-art, paintings, and more! :D Supporting the arts is affordable, $1 a month, no minimum term, unlike some Patreon accounts I never delete content, only add more, explore my works through an organised clickable table of contents. New pages post here Wednesdays at noon EST when I'm in production mode. Higher resolution versions on Patreon also at

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(* issue 10 in thumbnail form, but fully lettered and readable.)
User comments:
James Mobius
don't think I can get away with nipples on the back cover of a comic book. as late as the 1980s I remember when you could see a woman's uncovered breasts on the front cover of an adult magazine. Then suddenly it was illegal, thanks Reagan! Fucking American conservatives are so afraid of women. and fun. how did we regress as a society?
Grey Garou
Western society has had (and still does have) a real conflicted attitude toward women and sexuality. Everybody wants, yet nobody wants to admit lest he/she be labeled a pervert/whore/assorted misogynistic names. Too many people today still want to "abolish the orgasm". Is it really surprising so many innocent women were burned at the stake?
James Mobius
indeed. literally as soon as you're born, they shove a woman's nipple right in your face, but omg, don't let the kids see one! :0 violence on telly? eh, no prob.
Are they in print?
James Mobius
I printed the first three issues as standard format comics, still have a few left of #1, but at this moment, a TPB collecting the first 5 issues is being printed, should be available in a couple of weeks. as soon as issue 10 is done, I will be prepping volume 2, collecting issues 6-10. stay tooned! thanks!