Prasga #9 bonus page 1
7th Sep 2022, 12:00 PM in "Sex (I'm a)"
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Prasga #9 bonus page 1
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Author Notes:
James Mobius
For the next few weeks I'll be posting the bonus pages from this issue, if by some miracle I get rolling on issue 10 before I run out of these, I might speed up the posting schedule. Tentacles crossed.
Read ahead now, visit 3ยข a day gets you exclusive access to over 4,560 works of art by me, I post each page as it develops, from thumbnails through the finished versions. Read ALL of the next issue right now! You'll also see sketchbooks, fan-art, paintings, and more! :D Supporting the arts is affordable, $1 a month, no minimum term, unlike some Patreon accounts I never delete content, only add more, explore my works through an organised clickable table of contents. New pages post here Wednesdays at noon EST when I'm in production mode. Higher resolution versions on Patreon also at

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(* issue 10 in thumbnail form, but fully lettered and readable.)
User comments:
James Mobius
Suzi does actually own one bra. Seen in an earlier issue. well she's shown wearing one. there's also one under her bed but that doesn't mean its hers.
Suzi hold your arms against your sides. While keeping your arms against your body & strait cross your hands in front of your belly. Look now you have Cleavage.
James Mobius
she needs that t shirt that says "who needs tits with an ass this nice?" XD
She's a beautiful alien.
James Mobius
Merci. that is what I am going for!