Prasga #9 page 22
31st Aug 2022, 12:00 PM in "Sex (I'm a)"
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Prasga #9 page 22
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Author Notes:
James Mobius
This is the last story page of issue 9. I'll be taking a production break, having done 9 issues non-stop, all by myself, I need time to get them prepared for being printed, then I'll resume work on issue 10, which is scripted and thumbnailed.
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(* issue 10 in thumbnail form, but fully lettered and readable.)
User comments:
James Mobius
I did indeed manage to stop myself working on issue 10 whilst prepping earlier ones for print, more on that soon, but I'm already back in production working on issue 10. well, not at this very moment obviously, I'm typing this, but these days, in general, so there needn't be a delay in me posting new pages after all.
I say she marries a Lesbian Countess!
James Mobius
Anything could happen in this wacky zany madcap ol' universe! stay tooned!
Great work - looking forward to more!
James Mobius
Merci Hans! chomping at the bit to draw more!
🎶Is it you I'm looking for??🎶
James Mobius
lol. he's loosely based on the late Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire, but thanks! :p
My guess is that she will get a job kidnapping lesbian flowers on a distant planet...
James Mobius
XD that sounds better than what I had planned! she does steal hearts everywhere she goes... she doesn't mean to though, girl can't help it.