Prasga #9 page 12
22nd Jun 2022, 12:00 PM in "Sex (I'm a)"
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Prasga #9 page 12
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James Mobius
Read ahead now, visit 3ยข a day gets you exclusive access to over 4,500 works of art by me, I post each page as it develops, from thumbnails through the finished versions. Read ALL of the next 2* issues right now! You'll also see sketchbooks, fan-art, paintings, and more! :D Supporting the arts is affordable, $1 a month, no minimum term, unlike some Patreon accounts I never delete content, only add more, explore my works through an organised clickable table of contents. New pages post here Wednesdays at noon EST when I'm in production mode. Higher resolution versions on Patreon also at

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(* issue 10 in thumbnail form, but fully lettered and readable.)
User comments:
Well, the couch pillow certainly seems to be enjoying the party!
James Mobius
indeed! XD he knows where this is going!
Absinthe is for professional Drinkers Suzi. Are you a professional Drinker?
James Mobius
XD she is not! is there any way this can end well? stay tooned!
Run, leave now, just say no.
James Mobius
well she doesn't exactly end up saying yes, as you'll see... things take a gastric unexpected turn.