Prasga #9 front cover.
23rd Mar 2022, 12:00 PM in "Sex (I'm a)"
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Prasga #9 front cover.
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Author Notes:
James Mobius
Welcome to the start of chapter 9, big things are afoot! Hoo boy.
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User comments:
Did the Junk under her Bed attract a Kraken?

Did you enjoy put a miniature copy of the cover in the cover?
James Mobius
I don't even know how a tentacled creature ended up under her bed, it is pretty messy down there, as for the cover, that was easy, once I drew it, all I had to do was hand her a copy, and they appeared in each subsequent smaller copy automatically! :D
Oooh! Recursive!
James Mobius
yes! trapped in a comic book loop!
James Mobius
considering some of the shit that goes down in this issue, her reaction to reading it is appropriate! XD