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8th Sep 2021, 11:01 PM in Wake up little Suzi
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Prasga 1 page 16
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James Mobius
Suzi has a few shirts that display the names of bands she likes, and can be programmed to rotate names, or just show one, at this point the battery is getting low, hence "lowbat" on it. also I meant to make that shirt grey with pink sleeves, a style I've seen, but goofed when colouring, but I liked it, if she didn't have green skin it would look naughty, ok, naughtier, than it does. but I corrected it in the next issue anyway. she hasn't worn this shirt since, er, no spoilers but she's not going home with it. maybe she should get another.
just like Star Wars
James Mobius
except on a much smaller budget, and with chicks makin' out! :D