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17th Nov 2021, 12:00 PM in I dream of wires
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Prasga #6 page 6
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James Mobius
the flying 76 Chrysler Cordoba, my first car, came to me in a dream, in which I got into my old tank, started it up, and went straight up into outer space, more I won't say because it might become a comic, but the special effects were amazing! also if you've never heard the album Limbo by Throwing muses, you should. it's brilliant, strange and brilliant.
a friend had a sticker or badge on her bag in high school that said "anime, it's cheaper than crack" and got called into the principal's office to discuss it, because he thought it was a new drug. he wasn't wrong. this would have been 15 years ago roughly. now it's a sticker on Suzi's laptop. everything is grist for the mill.