Prasga #4 page 18, Staff meeting 2 page 1
11th Oct 2021, 12:00 PM in Dream on b/w Autoerotica
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Prasga #4 page 18, Staff meeting 2 page 1
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James Mobius
Staff meeting 2, page 1. The text to the right of panel 2 is a little hard to read here due to the maximum file size limitations, it reads: "*bear in mind I lit a rocky horror cast for a couple of decades" the joke I had censored had Suzi sitting on my lap after telling her dad he wasn't her real dad, saying "you're my daddy now" to me, much to my awkward embarrassment. Certainly the sort of joke rocky horror people would have zero problem with, these staff meetings are non-canonical (and out of continuity, even from one meeting to the next, probably, although they are starting to gel in some ways, as well as influence the main storylines a bit). So the characters acting out of character is almost the whole point. I thought ok that joke would be creepy if I portrayed myself as turned on by Suzi coming on to me, instead of reacting with embarrassment and chagrin, but I deferred to my sensitivity editors advice, it's pretty rare for her to suggest I change anything from my original scripts. (More on that at issue 7, which I shelved 60% of.)