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8th Sep 2021, 10:25 PM in Wake up little Suzi
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Prasga 1 page 6
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James Mobius
I actually took a reference photo so I could somewhat accurately draw the alley behind that bar, my niece did the graffiti, Rezmo, used by kind permission. I went to electronics school, some years after music college, and used to fix TVs. I have seen people wrap dead fuses with gum wrapper foil, not a good idea, fuses are there for a reason, to die and protect your device. if you short them that way you can cause more damage during a power surge. Refer all electronics to a qualified service technician, no user serviceable parts inside. breaking the seal will void the warantee. what am I talking about? people throw everything away these days, no one fixes electronics anymore, except maybe really large tvs. that's why I fix houses now instead.
User comments:
Grey Garou
You know what, a Borg might make a cool drummer. Or maybe a Klingon...
James Mobius
Borg would have perfect timing, be ok for industrial music, but wouldn't have much feel or soul, whereas a Klingon would. they'd be loud AF though.