Prasga 1 front cover
8th Sep 2021, 3:34 PM in Wake up little Suzi
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Prasga 1 front cover
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James Mobius
Front cover of issue 1, I redrew this in 2018 from my original 2004, I think, concept cover, which I'll upload later, or sooner, my art had improved a little, and I wanted to include new character Kashah, so bored she's looking at her watch waiting for this comic to start. it did take me a while to get rolling on it, I'll talk about that in a blog here. Actually this represents the glamourous life of musicians, starting their career, spending a lot of time just waiting to get on a stage somewhere. This is my first post here on, looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship. I have 7 issues drawn and will upload them all here as soon as inhumanly possible, and then be updating, hopefully a new page every Wednesday.