Dramatis Personae 
Suzi     Suzi Vela, a young woman who sings and plays bass, the protagonist. Suzi does not have super powers, it's not that kinda comic, but she does have dreams which are sometimes precognitive. also a high sex drive, er, frankly. :3 actually singing whilst playing bass is a super power come to think of it.
Kashah     Kashah Afolayan Suzi's electronic sax player, on whom she has a crush. 

Benny     Benny Suzi's robot drummer, their relationship is complicated. 
Dad     Ven Vela, Suzi's dad, he's supportive of her musical aspirations, if not her lifestyle. 
Mum     Orika Vela, Suzi's mum, she does not like robots. 
Jorry the supervisor     Jorry, Suzi's supervisor at the Crudco bottling plant, has his eyes on Suzi's butt. 
Urf     Urf Blark, Suzi's friend she met working at Crudco. He seems nice. 
Stugley     August Stugley, a disreputable businessman and drug dealer. 
Sparkle     Sparkle, a Hostess desperately looking for a new career. 
Percy     Percy, aka the Persuader, a Relurian with hypnotic powers. 
Dr Iftgex     Dr Sheldon Iftgex, Suzi's analyst. 
Colin the groupie, aka "hatboy"     Colin Graeme Bell, a groupie, fan of the band. 
XR77     XR77 a robot with an agenda 
Josette     Josette, a groupie with an explicit interest in Suzi. 
Tommi     Tommi Suzi's old drummer who left the band because his wife was jealous. 

     R34 one of Benny's wisecracking robot pals.