Should this series get naughtier? I will abide* by the results of this poll. 
(* if the results are "yes".) 
by James Mobius
User comments:
James Mobius
I for one, vote yes. Also this is just my way of giving you a head's up, this issue will get a bit naughtier, which isn't to suggest all following issues will get progressively naughtier, they won't. But when it makes sense for the story, things will get steamy.
Yes if you don't censor by blurring.
James Mobius
That, my friend, is the absolute, utter, joy of this platform, I don't have to censor SHIT here, even on deviantart and patreon, there are some things I can't show, this is the only place I currently post the completely uncensored versions of this series, other than the print editions, which are also uncensored. I censor stuff for facebook and instagram, sometimes by cropping, sometimes by pasting a little blue circle over the naughty bits with "Hallo pupper", my spoof of Hello Kitty, on it.
If you feel inspired to get naughtier, i'd enjoy it.
I assumed you meant uncensored here, else the poll be meaningless.

But i prefer "Hello Titty" - it's the design on Michiko's fave shirt.
James Mobius
Hello titty shows up! in issue 8, page 17. and it's there because Mandee had that t shirt, airbrushed by her brother, she was one of the inspirations for Suzi, and would have been the model, except she tragically passed away at a very young age. that event became the catalyst that lit a fire under my ass to get going on this comic several years ago, and it's a light that never goes out. sorry to bring the mood down here, but yeah hello titty brings up fond memories for me. but censoring tits with tits wouldn't make much sense would it? hmm. maybe Suzi should get one of those t shirts. she has a pretty limited wardrobe.
"...but censoring tits with tits wouldn't make much sense would it?"
It does if you can get away with tit.

It's been my observation that most folks don't notice what it actually is because they're seeing what they expect it to be and not really looking.
James Mobius
you're probably right.
Do it!
James Mobius
thanks for voting yes! :D
James Mobius
well if I simply must!
I agree with Jerrie! Do what you think is best
James Mobius
well I can't argue with that!
Of course you should!
James Mobius
thanks for the support!
If sexy scenes make sense for a strong story, go for it! "Naughtier" is OK, but I wouldn't go full-on explicit. Maybe about as far as what you'd see in the pages of Heavy Metal or l'Echo des Savanes.
James Mobius
I had one very explicit panel in this series, but just one so far, I'm not trying to draw a porn comic with this series, but occasionally erotic, as called for by the story. I might have to do a one-off special extra naughty issue just to get that out of my system, but who knows when I'll have time. I have 10 more issues to draw, there will be a few naughty scenes. I worry about reducing my marketability, but I think that ship has sailed! XD also I talked to my shrink about it and she said I shouldn't censor myself and just draw what I feel. I made this poll partly to spoof a certain wealthy person who made one recently and was heavily and deservedly railed about it, and partly as a heads up, this issue will get a bit naughty, but not that naughty. :3 thanks for your input! I appreciate anyone taking the time to interact with or comment on my work in any way, everyone's so busy these days, so many distractions online, feedback for artists is a rarety.
So far, I like the relative innocent tone you have established, with some gentle nudity. Nonetheless, I usually favor artists going beyond their comfort zones and trying new things!

My own comic THE GLAOMING, in spite of its explicit nature, still keeps a sense of innocence about it, in spite of my own perversity. I hope you can retain that quality in PRASGA!
James Mobius
oh I'm perfectly comfortable drawing explicit stuff, when I started this series, I didn't think too much about how racy it might get, there's a panel in issue 1 where Suzi is on her bed, and I drew her topless, and thought nothing of it. but when I coloured it I thought, oh, she's pretty nakey. should she be? a close friend suggested I don't go that way, I gave it a lot of thought and ultimately realised for continuity purposes she actually ought to be wearing her tatty toothy tank top, so I drew it on. by issue 2 I decided the occasional nipple should be fine, if Love and Rockets can get away with so can I. she dreams she's a mermaid, actually if you look closely at the panel where she's on the loo, issue 2 page 8 panel 2, you can see her piercing! it's like, one pixel. lol. issue 8 page 6 panel 2, there's a quiet little penetration shot snuck in. nobody gasped! issue 3 page 4 where she sleeps with Urf, you can see, all fuzzy in Jorry's binoculars, she's giving him head. I really tried to make that something you have to really look for to notice. I went back and forth about each of these naughty scenes. there will definitely be more, some may be a little more clear, probably. I don't want this to be a porn comic, or even an erotic comic, just a story about people's lives, which like real people's lives, sometimes include a bit of fun. so we'll see where it goes! thanks for being along for the ride.