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Wake up little Suzi

Issue 1 in which Suzi saves Benny from being trashed, meets Kashah, gets a boring job, and lots of other stuff happens, 40 pages!

One way or another

Suzi goes on a date, gets a gig, has a weird dream, the usual stuff!

From the inside

Suzi goes on a date, and later has a startling revelation about her mum!

Dream on b/w Autoerotica

Aliens invade from within! Suzi jumps to a conclusion, Benny is approached by a mysterious robot.

Ship of fools

the band get a gig on a luxury cruise liner, but it's not smooth sailing in space when Suzi becomes entangled with a spy!

I dream of wires

When Benny becomes incapacitated, Suzi must travel alone to Mars to get a spare part for him, and Mars can be a rough neighbourhood for a young woman to navigate!


Suzi looks for romance, Benny gets a 50 megaton truth-bomb dropped on him. Afterwards in another Staff meeting, the cast confront the author with their gripes, as usual.

"I, lovebot." (are 'friends' electric?")

Suzi's relationship with a friend takes an unexpected turn for the better, then things get very very very heavy! Author jumps shark.

"Sex (I'm a)"

With Benny out of the picture, Suzi bugs out and goes a bit manic. Hooks up with some old friends, literally and figuratively, big changes are afoot!

Slave to love

Suzi gets a delivery job, things get complex when she's ...derailed on a long mission